TailorMade Fabrications can provide and fit custom flooring solutions for your requirements. Our flooring is suitable for an array of situations, walkways platforms and structures just being some. This includes:

  • Open Mesh
  • Plate (Durbar/Checker)
  • GRP Mesh
  • Mezzanine Flooring


Mesh Flooring

Our mild steel open mesh flooring comprises of a series of parallel, flat, load bearing bars at equal spacing. These are held upright by 6mm twisted-square transverse bars that are resistance welded into the top surface. The open mesh flooring comes in a variety of different gap sizes, which relate to the load the flooring must bear. TailorMade Fabrications can design custom flooring to fit in any space you require no matter the shape and size. The flooring can be hot dipped galvanised and powder coated as per customer requests.

Plate Flooring

In addition to open mesh flooring we also provide and fit durbar plate flooring. This is very much the same as our open mesh flooring however it has sheets of durbar plate (checker plate) welded over the top for added strength. As it is a closed flooring system it also alleviates the problem of dropped items falling through the flooring.

GRP Mesh Flooring

GRP (Glass fibre Reinforced Plastic) flooring can be used as an alternative to steel. The GRP flooring is a moulded square grating with an anti slip surface on the topside. This is a cost effective, lightweight flooring solution offering good chemical resistance together with excellent anti-slip properties. Whilst being lightweight GRP is still extremely strong and durable, due to its being non-metallic it is also non-magnetic, non-sparking and has low conductivity which makes it ideal for certain environments.

Mezzanine Flooring

Whether your floor is small and straightforward or multi-tiered and complex, our attention to detail is the same. Designed by us, every floor is bespoke, taking into account the unique requirements of each site, such as loading, access and site conditions, as well as safety, access and fire regulations.

As always our mezzanine flooring can come in the material of your choice, mild steel, stainless steel, GRP or a combination of all. All mild steel can be hot dipped galvanised and powder coated to a range of colours as per customer request. Our mezzanine flooring can be constructed using our open mesh designs, durbar designs or again, a combination of the two dependent on what best suits your situation.


We use various methods of fixing down our flooring to best suit your needs. Flooring can be fixed down permanently using our Hilti DX range, screwed or bolted down through plates welded onto the flooring or fastened down with clips that can mean flooring pieces can be removed with relative ease if needed e.g. for access reasons.